FoxFe Story Server


FoxFe Story Server is a set of programs consisting of a server program, a few client modules, a few clients, and some intermediate code to deal with certain clients. The server itself is run as a daemon on the remote machine and serves out its stories through the net on a port specified when it is started up. The client modules, written in various languages, provide an OO interface with the server so that anyone can write their own client, batch-get script, or whatever without having to learn the protocol (not that it is horribly obfuscated or anything).


FoxFe was commissioned as a simple story archive script by one of my friends nearly a year ago. I worked on it on and off in various languages (the client/server part is fairly recent, and the only code for that in the CVS tree is in the directory 'newthingie') with varied results. My first attempt was in PHP, which failed due to problems with logging in and such. I tried again in one long perl program, but that got hard to handle, so I broke it up into several files, which didn't really help at all. After that, I forgot about the whole thing for a while and just recently started the whole server project.


The code is still pre-alpha and is available at my homepage.


Currently, I have finished with the writing of the server, foxfed, and am in the (long and arduous) process of debugging it. I have started a few client modules and have plans to begin the web client fairly soon. I should probably write documentation, too... nah.

A product of Ranna, head and sole employee of RedFox! Productions.

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